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Arrova Media and Communications is a company that addresses the critical need for professionally-worded and grammatically-correct English used by businesses in the online sphere. Globally, English is the most widely used language represented online, and according to Statista statistics, the English language has 25.9% of internet users worldwide. As a whole, slightly over half of the homepages of the most visited websites on the World Wide Web are in English. This means that a crucial need exists in all non-predominant English speaking countries worldwide for assistance in English on a professional level.

As information technology accessibility and the ease at which most people can access the internet increases, the online presence of a business has become far more important now than ever before. When choosing a company’s services to use, many people now solely make their choice based on a company’s website, Facebook page or Google listing. A poorly written business explanation, or a Facebook page full of grammatical errors, does little to instil confidence in your potential customers.

At Arrova, we offer English copywriting, editing and communications training and assistance to the global business sector. Consultancy is offered in all aspects of a company’s online presence, from their social media pages and webpage, to the way that staff handle and answer email queries. 

Various services and packages are offered, including once-off social media or website revamp packages, online and offline publications copywriting and proofreading, customer email training, search engine optimisation and social media monthly management packages.

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We have various fees and packages based on your business needs. 

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